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Cords for Vivitar 283 and 285 flash units

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Vivitar 283s were the workhorses of professional photographers for many years. They're also great for high-speed photography due to the ease with which flash duration can be adjusted. (See this page for information about how to adjust flash duration.) While the 283 isn't manufactured anymore, used units are easy to find. The 285 is still being manufactured.


We have three options for cords when using Vivitar 283/285 flash units with our breadboard trigger circuits. Your choice of option depends on whether you want to assemble the cord yourself and what your budget is.


Note: These cords are not for the Vivitar DF 283 flash. This model is not the same as the Vivitar 283.


Vivitar PC-1 Synch Cord (VPC)

This 1-foot long, straight PC cable connects at one end to a Vivitar 283 or 285HV flash unit. The other end normally connects to a camera's sync jack. However, you can snip off that end and splice the cord to a 2-conductor cable. (Our breadboard kits are supplied with 3 feet of 2-conductor cable.) The other end of the 2-conductor cable would connect to the breadboard. In addition to the PC-1 cord, we supply the heat-shrink tubing for insulating the splices. Assembly instructions are similar to those for PC cords here.

Vivitar PC-1 cord

Click image to enlarge


Trigger cord for Vivitar 283/285/3700, assembled (VPC-A)

Don't want to mess around with splicing wires and soldering? We'll assemble a 3-ft cord for you. There will be a Vivitar 283-sytle connector on one end for your flash and bare wires on the other end to connect to a breadboard circuit.


(In order to make the cable, we have to cut a Vivitar PC-1 cord in half. We'll include the unused half of the cord in case you want to use the standard PC connector for another project later.)

Vivitar PC-1 for breadboard circuit

Click image to enlarge


Quick Disconnect Vivitar PC-1 Cord, assembled (VPCQ)


With this option, we replace the PC plug on one end of a Vivitar PC-1 cord with an RCA plug. Then we prepare two other cords. One of them connects a breadboard trigger circuit to the modified PC-1 cord. The other reconnects the PC plug to the flash connector, thus restoring the original function of the PC-1 cord as a camera synch cord.

PC-1 quick disconnect cord for breadboard circuit

PC-1 connected to 2-conductor cable via RCA quick disconnects


PC-1 cord reconnected as camera synch cord

PC-1 cord restored to original function

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