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Hot Shoe Adapter for Breadboard Circuits

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Many modern flash units don't have PC cords. This hot-shoe adapter can be used to connect your flash unit to the output of a breadboard trigger circuit in cases where your flash unit doesn't have a PC cord. The adapter has a PC jack on one side and a shoe mount on the bottom. A PC cord with one cut end is provided for splicing to a 2-conductor cable.


Hot shoe adapter top and side view

top and side view

Hot shoe adapter bottom view

bottom and side view

hot shoe adapter with PC cord
adapter with PC cord



Hot shoe adapter kit (FA)

This is a do-it-yourself kit which includes the hot-shoe adapter, PC cord with one cut end, and heat-shrink tubing for insulating wire splices. You'll need to provide a 2-conductor cable to splice to. (Our breadboard kits are supplied with 3 feet of 2-conductor cable.) Instructions for splicing the PC cord to the output cord from a trigger circuit are given here.


Hot shoe adapter, assembled (FA-A)

Don't want to mess around with splicing wires and soldering? We'll assemble a 3-ft cord for you. There will be a flash shoe on one end and bare wires on the other end to connect to a breadboard circuit.

Flash-to-PC adapter, assembled

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