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Prices reduced by 20% - 33% on most trigger kits and modular system kits!


Amplified Sound Trigger Kit




Amplified sound trigger

This amplified sound trigger responds to a wide range of audible frequencies. We've recommended a do-it-yourself version of this sound trigger for a number of years. The version shown to the right uses a Radio Shack Mini-Amplifier and Recorder Microphone. The kit requires assembly; we have complete assembly instructions here.

The complete kit includes the following items.


Mini-Amplifier: This is Radio Shack part no. 277-100. While other amplifiers will work, this is the one that we've tested in high-speed photography applications. The amplifier also has the convenience of small size and portability. Mini-amplifier
Recorder Microphone: This is Radio Shack part no. 33-306. A stand is included. Other dynamic microphones will do as long as they have a 1/8-inch (3.5mm) mono plug for connection to the amplifier output. Electret microphones may also work; the clip-on kind can be convenient for subjects like balloon bursts, since you can clip the microphone to your shirt. Microphone

Output Cable Kit: A cable must be prepared to connect the output of the amplifier to a flash unit or trigger circuit. The Output Cable Kiit includes the parts you need for the cord: 2-conductor cable, silicon-controlled rectifier, and 3.5mm phone connector for the amplifier.

Output Cable Kit

The Output Cable Kit also includes three adapters for coupling the sound trigger to the external input of a Multi-Trigger enclosure or to a flash unit. Included are a male RCA connector and cord couplers.


In order to connect the AST to a flash unit, a trigger cable is required. Click here for options.

MTE Connections Kit


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