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PCB for Multi-Trigger Kit, unassembled



With a PCB for Multi-Trigger Kit, you can build a Multi-Trigger on a PCB. Features include the following:
  • all components hard-wired for durability
  • an on-off switch and power on LED indicator
  • indicator LEDs for photogate alignment and triggering
  • a switch to select for a microphone or photogate input
  • sensitivity adjustment for the sound trigger and photogate
  • coarse and fine delay adjustment up to about half a second
  • a switch to select one of two delay ranges (0 to 0.5 s or 0 to 0.05 s)
  • continously-variable timeout setting up to about a second
  • jack for an optional AC/DC adapter
  • jacks for microphone, photogate, and external input cables (All parts are provided for the cables.)
  • three jacks for switch outputs (for flash) and two jacks for pulse outputs (for a Camera Opto-Switch)
  • test button

The MT-PCB3 kit includes the PC board with all components required for complete assembly on the board. The photo below show the assembled PCB with functions indicated. Assembly instructions are here.


Click on the photos for a larger view.


The completed PCB is shown with all components soldered to the board. Assembly is required.


All parts are provided for a microphone cable, two types of photogate cables, and an external input cable. The cables are shown below. Assembly is required.

Microphone cable

Microphone cable

Interrupter photogate cable

Interrupter photogate cable

Individual emitter and detector photogate cable

Photogate cable with individual emitter and detector

External input cable


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