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Welcome to, a comprehensive web resource for easy, low cost, do-it-yourself high-speed photography. For the past 15 years, has provided information and tools to DIYers who want to capture stunning photos of splashes, collisions, and other high-speed events. Our site's resources have been useful to people with a wide range of photographic experience, from students and hobbyists to educators and professional photographers.


We show how easy it is to take high-speed photographs using cost-effective methods. You can use the information on this site and your own resourcefulness to do it yourself or you can purchase some of our inexpensive kits to speed up the process of acquiring the electronic components that you need. But whether or not you buy from us, all the information you need is free.

Tools @

We make it easy to start taking professional high-speed photos on a hobbyist's budget. No electronic experience is necessary; we provide complete assembly instructions online. Middle-school students have successfully assembled our kits. Both US and international orders are welcome!

High-speed photographs are both aesthetically appealing and scientifically useful, grabbing attention at science fairs and photo contests alike. Here's a sampling of galleries, projects, and activities on this site.

  • Gallery - Balloon pops, collisions, impacts

  • Projects - high-speed photography used in scientific investigations

  • Activities - A sequence of activities takes you through the fundamentals.



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